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FI Luanda opens applications for the 3rd edition of the Startups Acceleration Program


The "Angola Virtual 2021" Startups Acceleration Program opens applications for early stage Entrepreneurs who need Mentoring, Training and Preparation for Financing. The program is totally Online!

We seek people and teams from Angola, Cape Verde, Guine Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique and São Tome & Principe, with entrepreneurial spirit, determination, and problem-solving skills to adapt and build a great company.

If you want to create your Startup and build your business, you can start now! We've just opened the application for the Founder Institute's Acceleration Program! You can apply online, attend public events where you will learn much more about the world's largest Startup Acceleration Program!

Since its first release in Angola in 2018, the Program has created 19 Angolan Startups, with potential for rapid growth. Many Startups in our portfolio have successfully participated in national and international contests: Karapinha de Algodão, Kimpovi, Nawabus, Tchossi Academic and Whata Kids.

The 3rd edition of the Acceleration Program benefits from the latest company-building Founder Institute Curriculum , suitable to meet the needs of entrepreneurs in the MVP phase, as well as aspirants and entrepreneurs in the "Ideation" phase.

Participating in "Angola Virtual 2021" will be benefit of:

- Constant feedback and monitoring from FI Luanda Mentors and Partners;
- Rapid progress in the business creation journey based on the methodology and structured process of the Acceleration Program platform;
- Access to the Founder Institute post-programs and continue to obtain specialized support during the coming years;
- Networking and expansion of the global support network; more than 4,500 alumni as well as more than 18,000 mentors in over 200 cities.

Participating in and finalizing the Acceleration Program is difficult, challenging, and expectations are demanding.

Our vision for the "Angola Virtual 2021" Program is to create an opportunity for all entrepreneurs within our global network. We want to continue to inspire people to work on projects that have purpose and impact!

Founders and aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested can apply 

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Let´s build a better future for Angola , Africa and the World!