Founder Institute Luanda startups at Angola Startup Summit 2023

The Angola Startup Summit 2023 was a highly significant event for the business and entrepreneurial community in Angola. The summit, held at ISPTEC, was promoted by the Ministry of Economy and Planning and organized by INAPEM - the National Institute for Support to Small and Medium Enterprises - under the slogan "Innovation and Technology as vectors for the immersion of startups in Angola." The event brought together over 200 local startups, as well as academics, businesspeople, and government leaders.

Founder Institute Luanda, in partnership with the International Financial Corporation (IFC), participated in the #angolastartupsummit with a unique stand, bringing together seven startups from its portfolio. Among the objectives of attending the event were generating more visibility for the startups that graduated from the different editions of the Startup Acceleration Program, attracting potential investors and partnerships for their future development, establishing contacts and learning from experts in different sectors, and drawing inspiration from other success stories in the Angolan entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The startups that marked their presence at the event from the Founder Institute Luanda's portfolio were:

  • FoodCare and Gil, startups in the #agribusiness and #foodprocessing sectors.
  • Fotarpo and Kiapembe Energy, startups in the #cleantech and #renewableenergy sectors.
  • GVA Profile and Scratch for Kids, startups in the #edtech and #edutainment sectors.
  • SIS - Integrated Insurance System, a startup in the #insurtech sector.

The startups had the opportunity to showcase the innovative solutions they developed and how their participation in the acceleration program helped in the development of their businesses.

Results of the survey on participation in the Angola Startup Summit:

It is important to highlight the results of the survey conducted with the startups of the Founder Institute Luanda on their participation in the Angola Startup Summit 2023. Some of the main conclusions include:

  • Level of experience in startup fairs: Five of the startups responded that it was the first time they participated in a startup fair. This suggests that the event was an important opportunity for these startups to gain more experience and visibility in the Angolan entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Objectives of participating in the event: The startups mainly marked two objectives for their participation in the event: meeting potential partners and/or investors (cited by all startups) and presenting their startups to obtain feedback on the idea and the business model.
  • Establishment of contacts: Six of the startups were able to establish important contacts during the Angola Startup Summit 2023. This suggests that the event was a valuable opportunity for creating new partnerships and businesses.

Recommendations for future events:

The startups recommend that the event organizers improve their real-time communication, standardize publications, and provide more adequate support for stands in the future. They hope that these suggestions will be considered in organizing the Angola Startup Summit 2024.

Overall, the participation of the startups from Founder Institute Luanda in the Angola Startup Summit 2023 was highly successful. The startups had the opportunity to connect with other companies and investors, learn from industry experts, and showcase their products and services to a broad audience. The event significantly contributed to the development of the startups at the Founder Institute Luanda and the Angolan entrepreneurial ecosystem as a whole.

For the Founder Institute Luanda, the Angola Startup Summit 2023 was a good experience, crucial to promoting and communicating about the startup ecosystem, connecting with players in the business fabric, academia, the financial sector, and the general public. We thank the organizers of the summit and particularly the IFC for providing this opportunity.

FI Luanda